About the Herdade das Templarias

The Herdade das Templárias is a private homestead idyllically situated on the relaxing bank of the Zêzere River (Castelo de Bode Dam). The homestead is perfectly placed which is minutes to the Geodesic Centre of Portugal and of course to Abrantes, Dornes, Tomar and the surrounding area. This means that it is practically in the center of the country. In fact, the homestead does not appear in this location by chance. Near here is also the Museum of Geodesy. The Museum of Geodesy is dedicated to the science pertaining to the shape and dimensions of the Earth and other planets.

On Herdade das Templarias’ official website you can find additional getting more information about the Herdade das Templárias, new events, interesting places in the region, and much more.